Fiona and Eric-A Fairytale Romance

November 08, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

When you look at Fiona and Eric, you realize dream do come true.  I had a wonderful experience in their wedding.  As I captured the lovely moments of Fiona and Eric. My favorite moment was the first look. Its always amazing to see when two lovebirds becomes one and love they share is priceless. Wishing you two a lifetime of happiness. 

Shayan Fotography: Fiona & Eric &emdash; _MG_2813_MG_2813 _MG_2834_MG_2834 _MG_2859_MG_2859 _MG_2925_MG_2925 _MG_2940_MG_2940 _MG_3150_MG_3150 _MG_3049_MG_3049 _MG_3050_MG_3050 _MG_3202_MG_3202 _MG_3274_MG_3274 _MG_3210_MG_3210 _MG_3213_MG_3213 _MG_3398_MG_3398 _MG_3403_MG_3403 _MG_3406_MG_3406 _MG_3326_MG_3326 _MG_3371_MG_3371 _MG_3357_MG_3357 _MG_3434_MG_3434 _MG_3528_MG_3528 _MG_3423_MG_3423 _MG_3192_MG_3192

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while love someone deeply gives you courage" Lao Tzu


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