Shikha + Anand - A Wedding in Paradise

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Shikha and Anand's wedding is one of the beautiful wedding we have ever photographed. We were very excited to take pictures for Shikha and Anand because this is our first destination wedding. A true love story in paradise, the wedding took place in Westin Resort & Spa in Cancun, Mexico. The adorable couple tied their knot in two different ceremonies Christian and Hindu.  As a photographer we couldn't ask for a better location the blue water and perfect weather made ever pictures mesmerizing. All the events were gorgeously decorated, full of fun, dancing, and singing. Wishing Shikha and Anand life long journey of happiness in their paradise world. 

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams" ~ Dr. Seuss

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Venue: Westin Resort & Spa, Cancun, Mexico
Wedding Planner: Cancun Unique Weddings
Videography: Mike Cantarell Films
Make up artist: Isaac Ibarra Marquez
Decoration: Alquimia Events
Flowers: Varsovia
DJ: Omar Battista
Indian food: Taste of India


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