We shoot People for a small fee :)

We started getting into photography in 2004 at George Mason University. When my partner in crime and I took the same class and we absolutely fell in love with photography. The day of our engagement party we had to take our last class for photography and off course we went to the class and presented our last project to the class.  Since then both of us has been taking pictures and spending loads of money on camera, lens, flashes and we absolutely don't have any regrets.  Our inspiration is our son Shayan and we decided call our company Shayan Fotography cause his our little monster and we just love taking his pictures.  Photography has been our hobby, passion and now loving as career.  We love to hear all the new love stories, capture the giggles and smiles of the precious once, and be part of the glamour’s weddings.  Behind the lens every pictures tells a story, every clicks captures a moment and then everyone puts it up on Facebook :)


Meet Mr. Shayan --- Our little monster